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Testing Solutions

Your product's viability in a global marketplace depends on how well it is tested. 
We test to break, and there is just no other way to say it.   

Black box, white box, ad hoc or regression testing, 
we have the experience to hit the ground running. And more.

We're passionate about product quality.  That passion drives us in everything we do..

General Testing Services

  • Regression testing
    • Black box testing of a device, communicating either on the intended communications channel, or on a simulator
    • Primary purpose is to determine if newer software builds break any features previously validated ("smoke test")
  • Automated testing 
    • Scripts (Perl, Tcl, Python, C#)
    • May be targeted as part of regression testing or performance/stress testing
    • Unattended version of Regression Testing

Web QA

  • Using various OTS tools such as WinRunner, Silk, etc.
  • Manual test scripts with mouse/keyboard input
  • Automated web testing via web crawler scripts "Spider" style
  • Catch broken links
  • Determine if images are missing
  • Map out site

Hardware & Firmware Debug
  • In-circuit emulator debug (prototype)
    • Development-stage debugging of code, and correction of defects
    • Bench environment
    • Normally involves use of test equipment such as oscilloscope, frequency generator, logic analyzer, GPIO simulator
  • Design Verification Test ("DVT")
    • Post-prototype testing to insure all design requirements are met
    • Field or lab environment
  • Production Test
    • Market-ready package tested in a field environment
    • Often involves validation of user documentation
    • Manufacturing diagnostics
  • Problem resolution
    • Analysis of complex environments and architectures
    • Up-to-date knowledge of common devices, CPLDs, FPGAs
  • Test case and test plan development
  • Test Reporting
  • Issue management (bug tracking, trouble tickets, etc.)
Manufacturing Test

Many new companies overlook this vital step in taking a new product to market.   The methods we use during product development simply don't scale well for manufacturing.  On an assembly line, you need a red-light, green-light approach to testing: the product either works, or it doesn't ship. 
  • Design assistance for test fixtures and harnesses
  • Simplified line testing: board level, enclosure level and ready to ship
  • Integrated with internal diagnostics for the best possible metrics