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Software Solutions

It doesn't seem all that long ago that when asked what your profession was, and you'd answer "Software engineer", people would gawk.   Taking a laptop on a plane caused a serious distraction.   All that's changed now, and software has come a long way.  So have we.

We've been active participants in the computer industry for over thirty-five years, but we stay current with the latest tools, methodologies and architectures.  We leverage our broad experience to your benefit, regardless of the project or development environment.

We've provided software for 8- through 64-bit computing platforms, including but not limited to Data General, DEC VAX & PDP/11, XLR thread processors, Intel MCS51 & x86, Motorola 68xx & 68xxx, PowerPC, FreeScale ColdFire, ATMEL, ARM Cortex, Qualcomm SoC's, and more.

We have direct expertise in the following areas of software engineering:
  • Full lifecycle participation, from design through production and even on to Manufacturing Test
  • Embedded Software Development (No O/S, i.e., main loop)
  • Real Time Embedded Software Development (RTOSs - VxWorks, uVelocity, our own ukernel)
  • Device Drivers
    • ADC, DAC, DSP, GPIO and other devices
    • I2C, SPI, USB, TCP/IP, UART + more ports
    • EEPROM, FLASH, SDRAM & other memories
    • Disks, sensors, actuators, annunciators, motors, modems, etc.
  • Diagnostics Development
    • Eval boards, Board Support Package enhancement
    • In-product, development and production
    • Manufacturing test
  • Linux & Unix Development
    • Gnu tool chain
    • uClinux
  • Windows Development
  • IDE's
    • ATMEL
    • Paradigm
    • Eclipse
    • Green Hills Multi
    • CodeWarrior
  • Debug and test