Many large firms advertise heavily to promote their brand, a wise investment indeed.  However, ASTL has never purchased advertising nor promoted its brand, because all of our work is based on reputation and referral.  ASTL's reputation is for extremely detailed, highest quality results, on-time and on-budget.  Though we never hype our products, our customers do it for us, with generous referrals, rich endorsements and awesome recommendations.  

It is with great pride and thankfulness that we display some of our favorite customer advocates and their testimonials below, which are in no particular order.  Further below are some of the more well-known logos of our clients. 
"Best training and documentation ever produced at Qualcomm" -- Qualcomm manager (QCT)

Peter Adomeit, QCA
Senior Staff Engineer/Manager

"Thank you for your hard work and long hours to get our project completed on time." 

"Rick has been an amazing support to our QCA VI team for several years now. His definition of the shared 
code methodology has been awesome and very well appreciated by our team. I cannot emphasize how 
huge a benefit it has been to have him available to us for support."

Robert Sweeney
Senior Engineering Technician while at ITT
"Rick and I worked together at ITT/EVI for over a year debugging and developing various 'Perl' test scripts. 
I highly recommend Rick for his knowledge, dedication, and determination - he not only repaired, 
documented, and maintained older existing code, he also developed versions 
which are far more advanced and easier to use!"

Jeff Pasquino
Test Verification Lead while at ITT

"Rick's time at ITT was well spent as he quickly became a valued member of ITT. The environment 

was challenging - a large quantity of work, dynamic environment with numerous changes, 

and several obstacles in both test and design - yet Rick handled it all with remarkable aplomb.  

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for firmware, test, 

and/or code development to seek out Rick for their particular projects. 

It was a pleasure having him on my team."

Jamie Davis

Test Function Group Manager while at ITT

"Rick's efforts to design and develop test platforms have contributed to our program's successful 

development and reliable product delivery. Rick's skill set allows him to contribute 

engineering services for PC applications software, firmware testing for embedded 

processors on specialized hardware, and systems level testing.

Rick was extraordinarily helpful in redesigning and developing improvements 

to our product's main communications and test platform.  Rick had taken input from many 

people who use our test platform and developed critical improvements 

required to increase communications test coverage.  Several organizations 

now continually use his software to test and communicate with our devices.

Rick quickly became a well-respected member of the team for development, 

test and support tasks throughout the projects in which he was involved. 

His unique ability to come up to speed quickly and contribute to the group will be an 

asset to whomever should be fortunate enough to work with him in the future.

We highly recommend Rick for additional engineering opportunities."

Jim Wise 
Specialist Engineer while at Eaton 
"Rick is very passionate and devoted to firmware development engineering with a wonderful 
focus on the task at hand. I was amazed by his accomplishments amidst 
some very difficult circumstances (The hardware was not working yet). 
Rick created a HAL [hardware abstraction layer] so that he could 
continue development until the hardware was available."

Jim Forkin
Electrical Engineer while at Eaton
"I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Rick Lewis.

I worked as a hardware development engineer at Eaton during 2007. At this time, 
I was tasked with developing hardware based on a ColdFire processor in a 
new power monitor/control device for the Company.

During this time, I had the pleasure of working closely with Rick Lewis who had the 
assignment to write device drivers and diagnostics firmware for the device. 
He showed his ability to analyze the problems encountered and develop 
innovative solutions. His understanding of digital and analog hardware also aided the process.

As I understand it, this product was the first developed by Eaton using this line 
of processors and Rick's expertise  was essential in getting the product from prototype to production level.

I would highly recommend Rick Lewis for any firmware development support you may have."

Keith Hamilton
Owner, Hamilton & Associates, administering contract between ASTL Systems and Eaton
"I want to thank you for the work you did for K.A. Hamilton & Associates [while at Eaton].  
Your positive attitude and hard work have enhanced our reputation with our clients, 
and we appreciate your efforts.  It has been a pleasure working with you. 
Best wishes for your continued success."

Richard Hansen
Software Consultant while at GE Transportation
"I have worked with Rick and find he does excellent work. He is thorough and well versed
 in all areas of hardware and software. He strives to complete tasks on time 
and continuously takes on more work as he finishes assigned tasks."

Jim Bernitt 
Hardware Consultant while at Datascope
"Rick and I worked together at DataScope for approximately a year in the 2008 time frame. 
The project involved an embedded ColdFire micro-controller along with 
both digital and analogue circuit functions. 

I was engaged by the company as an Electronics consultant and was responsible 
for the design of this electronics module. Rick was there on the same basis 
as an embedded firmware/software engineer and was responsible 
for developing/modifying/integrating operating firmware into the module 
to elect functionality. In addition, he was to provide a suite of test 
functions so that the design could be tested and proven. 

Rick provided all of the above tasks and in addition proved his versatility. 
He functions excellently in both team and one-on-one situations. 
He is accommodating and an sheer pleasure to work with.
He is also one of the most competent embedded firmware engineers that I have been 
involved with over the years. Rick understands hardware and the 
synergistic nature of hardware and software. This is an essential skill 
for embedded systems and is absent in many of today's firmware engineers. 
Rick also knows how to use test instruments and tools when required. 

I would not hesitate to employ Rick's services in any of my own projects should the need arise. 

Your project will most definitely benefit from his presence.

Chris Bahr
Regulatory Affairs Document Specialist while at Datascope
"I had the opportunity to work with Rick at DataScope Corp., Mahwah, New Jersey. 
Rick always proved to be well prepared for project meetings and demonstrated 
a superior knowledge base of our product line. At DataScope Corp., 
Rick was viewed as an exceptional team player and a formidable 
independent and productive colleague. He is worthy of only the highest accolades."

Steven Linahan
VP Operations and Supply Chain while at Tipping Point (now HP)
"Rick is a very talented and knowledgeable diagnostics and test developer. 
He demonstrated very sound and thorough test development skills 
on our motherboard based security products."

C. Kevin Archer
B2B Financial Services Sales Specialist  while at NCR
"Rick is what business people call a "kick ass" programmer. Nobody doubts that Rick can/will deliver 
results quickly and efficiently. At a time when NCR was snail-pacing along a 
software development track for our newest financial services platform,
Rick lit a fire under our whole department (before we ever even hired him) 
by producing installable code for a project we were still trying 
to create specs for! "

Brian Murray
Software Consultant while at Gadlight
"As the unofficial team leader, Rick preached testability as part of development. 
He created a test bed that was part of the development that served
 as an auto-regression "smoke test." This test system communicated directly 
with the tools that Rick created for debugging. This very clever system, written in Perl, 
running on a PC, caught many bugs, some of which didn't show up until 50 or more runs of the smoke test.

"Even though I've been in software development for many years, 
I always look for things I can learn from other engineers. And I'm happy to say 
that I definitely was able to add to my bag of tricks knowing Rick Lewis, 
and would not hesitate to recommend him."

Erick McManus
Software Consultant (While at Gadlight)
"Rick took over for another engineer who had not done a good job on our project in 
its' early stages. Rick improved our situation in many ways. He put into place the BSP 
and many other major system components for our initial development boards and prototype hardware.

I think what makes Rick stand out is his committment to making software easy 
to debug and test from the start. He put into place an excellent 
serial debug command line interface, system logging, and commands 
for automated testing. He also wrote the initial Perl automated test scripts 
for the device until we could get a QA guy in place for him to hand that off to. 
That testing and debugging environment was crucial 
to our ability to demonstrate prototypes to people with confidence.

Rick writes very readable code and I always appreciated his work ethic 
and commitment to doing his best even under working conditions that were sometimes difficult."

Dave Berry
Student Consultant while at Angelo State University

"Rick and I were students together for two years at ASU. There were a number 

of students in the program, but as with many programs of challenging curriculum, 

there was a core of the best students that were always at the forefront 

and Rick was one of those. He was involved in tutoring other students. 

He was very active in the student computer science club.

 This CS club built from kit form, an Altair 800, the first "home PC". 

It was serial number 15, which truly put Rick on the cutting edge of PC 

technology from the beginning. He was active in the school's business computer 

center where most of the top students worked and were active.

 He did all of this while working to support himself through school. 

Rick was also one of my best and closest friends during this time. 

He was one of the top students in the program."

Some of our favorite customers are not allowed to say so, but here are some of our favorites: government agencies, defense contractors, financial institutions and clients.