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Client List


Here is an alphabetical list of our clients and their industry, along with a brief description of each project we did for them. 

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AMD - Austin, TX
Semiconductor manufacturer
Cache coherency programming for SSA5 processor.

Bank of America
Developed and installed Remittance processing (consumer payments) for Gibraltar Savings & Loan.

Beckman Coulter - Fullerton, CA
Bio-medical instruments & devices
Device drivers and application software for LS9800 liquid scintillation spectrometer.

Brainhat - East Hartford, CT
Computer software & consulting
Software development kit for Brainhat AI engine.
Introduced the theory of concept completion and use of AIML to pre-process (or "preen") user input to remove idioms.

Cache County Tax Collector - Logan, UT
County Government
Guided County in transition to automated remittance processing.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment
Invented the company's HVAC estimation system.

Commtech Mobile Datacom - Germantown, MD
Conducted testing of satellite communications system including transceiver, mobile units and control unit.

Corona Manufacturing - Austin, TX
Avionics tester firmware based on ATMEL AT128

Datascope - Mahwah, NJ
Medical devices and patient monitors
Evolved device drivers and diagnostics for ColdFire microcomputers. Blueprinted and implemented the hardware abstraction layer and micro-kernel. Principal software engineer responsible for all hardware bring-up of patient monitor product I/O boards

Computer manufacturer
Managed system test of Mirage laptop and server products.
CGI programming of issue management system.
RAID testing on several server products.

Eaton Electrical - Pittsburgh, PA
INDUSTRY: Electrical power equipment
Hardware re-design of ColdFire-based transformer relay.
Hardware abstraction layer and device drivers for ColdFire microprocessor.
C/C++ Applications programming for ARM & ColdFire based products.
Port of M68000 application to ColdFire
Predictive diagnostics for large electric motors

El Paso Electric
INDUSTRY: Utilities
Remittance processing software.

First National Bank of Omaha
Remittance processing software

Gadlight - San Diego, CA
INDUSTRY: Medical devices
Embedded software development for YofiMeter blood glucose meter.

GE Transportation - Melbourne, FL
INDUSTRY: Railway safety (Positive Train Control)
Embedded programming for vital safety systems
TCP/IP stack porting and Ethernet device drivers
RTOS modification and configuration
Manufacturing diagnostics for ARM & ColdFire products

IBM - Austin, TX
PowerPC microcode to emulate x86 floating point processor.

HP - Austin, TX
Was 3com/TippingPoin - network security and software
Hardware diagnostics for E-series and Core Controller products

IRS - San Diego, CA
Prototype of TeleTax phone system.

ITT Intelligence and Information Warfare - Columbia, MD
Firmware regression test of intelligence sensor.
Application programming of test tool in Perl for Windows.
GPS Simulator application.
Application programming of email/SMS message client.

Regions Financial
Was Leader Federal Bank (Memphis, TN)
Remittance processing & check sorting software.

L. C. Haug & Associates - Ellicott City, MD
INDUSTRY: Financial services
Business consulting and web site design

Scripps Network Interactive
Was living.com (Austin, TX), e-commerce
Manual QA of website.
Automated testing of website.
Operations Manual for IT infrastructure.

Space Systems/Loral 
Was Conic Data Systems (San Diego, CA)
INDUSTRY: Aerospace
Device drivers and application programming of satellite system (classified).

McKesson Health - Alexandria, LA
Application programming of AccuCount pharmacy scale.
Application programming of Pharmacy 2000 back-end system.
Hardware re-design of robot pill counter.
Software architecture re-design of pill counter subsystem for pharmacy robot.

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative - Manassas, VA
INDUSTRY: Utilities
Remittance processing software.

On The Spot - Shreveport, LA
Proof of concept project for GSM-based remote sensor.

Progressive Insurance - Richmond Village, OH
INDUSTRY: Insurance
Remittance processing software.

Qualcomm - San Diego, CA
-- Client Currently Servicing
INDUSTRY: Semiconductors
SoC emulation and verification

SAI Technology La Jolla, CA
Defense contractor
Device driver for Gas Plasma Display

Schlumberger - Houston, TX
INDUSTRY: Oil field exploration
CGI programming in ModPerl of project management software.

Salt Lake County
INDUSTRY: Government
Remittance processing software.

Freescale - Austin, TX
Was StarCore, semiconductor manufacturer
Perl programming of Verilog validation and analysis software.

Teledyn-Ryan Aeronautical (Palo Alto, CA)
INDUSTRY: Aerospace
Device drivers for RADAR products (AN/ALR30, classified).

ThePencilGame.com - Austin, TX
Online gaming
CGI programming of website support scripts.
PayPal and merchant gateway programming.
HTML & JavaScript programming.

SoftLayer - Dallas, TX
Was ThePlanet.com, Internet Service provider
Security audit of Orbit administrative system.

Trade Services, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
INDUSTRY: Publishing
Remittance processing software.

TRW-Fujitsu (La Jolla, CA)
Device drivers for HDLC communications.

Traq Wireless (Austin, TX)
INDUSTRY: Utilities
CGI programming for client services.

Univa HD - Austin, TX
Was United Devices, grid computing
INDUSTRY: Computer software
Software testing of grid computing platform.

Utah State Tax Commission
Remittance processing software.

Western Digital Corporation - Orange County, CA
Device drivers for CD-ROM drive for Windows.