ASTL Enterprises, LLC 

ASTL Enterprises is a new company formed in 2016 with two diverse lines of business: consumer products and consulting.

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ASTL Systems is a computer hardware and software consultancy, focusing on software development for embedded systems and hardware bring-up. Our special advantage is knowledge of the 3 three primary components of all projects: hardware, software and testing. In a new product initiation phase, there is a high level of uncertainty and an extreme level of fluidity in design. It is simply not possible to employ single-function specialization when the entire system is being developed. Thorough, experienced, working knowledge of an entire system is needed for successful outcome;  no amount of planning prevents the need for on-the-fly changes in hardware bring-up. In this environment, every new project has literally "never been done before," so the steady hand of a seasoned professional pays huge dividends.

ASTL’s principal engineer, Richard Lewis, has been a fixture of the embedded systems market since its earliest conception. He assembled the first personal computer in the state of Texas, his Altair 8800 was serial number 15.  Not only did he build the computer from a kit, he fixed a persistent oscillator problem that the manufacturer could not resolve.

Mr. Lewis has gone on to lead and support client teams for the most successful technology companies in the U.S. including IBM, Dell, GTE, Eaton, Qualcomm, NCR, HP and many others. His work has led to many scientific breakthroughs including classified projects for the US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, and a number of associated defense contractors. Rick is a well known and trusted vendor to the extreme privacy and security needs of the banking industry, with notable contracts at Regions Bank, Bank of America, and others.

Most ASTL projects are contract-oriented, multi-month, on-site assignments, but we can provide a full team of engineers for special needs projects or, via remote support, monitoring or supervision of work team results.