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Issue 38: We were  suppose to remove _52a_DI, _52b_DI, and BFI_DI from this screen?


We need to add help text for all functions. What is the difference between (RemoteOpen_DI, RemoteClose_DI) and (Start_DI and Stop_DI)?

RemoteOpen_DI, RemoteClose_DI, Stop_DI: Ask Lifeng ;-). I can only say that’s Inputs which are not used in any code. But you would see these signals in Event- and Disturbance record and SCADA, if you have arranged a signal to corresponding DI’s and the value of signal changed.

Start_DI  :  From this signal depends only one output signal which is called: “StartMotorCommand” When Start_DI comes true, StartMotorCommand comes true for at least 500ms.