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IDIssueAssigned ToStatusAction Item(s)Child Page
IDIssueAssigned ToStatusAction Item(s)Child Page
01 Is the “RTD.WdRTDTripable” always enabled? Claus Resolved Claus implemented in handoff H010707 ID01 
02 Please call the Contact Manager module: (Bkr/Cont Manager, Bkr/Cont, Bkr/ContWear) Claus Resolved Case 4575- resolved in handoff H010707- Get input from Edgar on Status display flag name Bkr vs BkCont  
03 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID03 
04 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID04 
05 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID05 
06 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID06 
07 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID07 
08 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID08 
09 all generic blockings: change the number assignment Edgar Discuss further Need clarification  
10 Change “Alarm” to “Pickup” and Change “Trip” to “Pickup” Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID10 
11 I saw a note from Jim Thompson about having to map the trip from the RTD module directly to the outputs. I am assuming that all the Trip functions of the the protection modules that have a “ Blo TripCmd” operate the trip command. Please let me know if this assumption is incorrect. Edgar Discuss further Need clarification-But all RTD channels are "OR'ed" to the trip command. ID11 
12 help change Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID12 
13 Remove the Rvs Blo function from everything for the elemnts under the I-prot. Unassigned Resolved Changed Motor specific function-not 50/51 ID13 
14 Shouldn’this say I2 or I1. I know we reversed the values in then unit, but if customer is making these calculations externally, this would be wrong.  Claus Resolved Case 4577- I2 is correct for this setting. ID14 
15 All protective functions other than Thermal model, temperature, current unbalance, and load sheding, should say :Pickup” instead of “Threshold” Unassigned Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707  
16 Does the zone trip operates the Breaker trip command? Unassigned Resolved Bioa said "Yes it does". ID16 
17 When will the test features per the marketing specification will be implemented? Unassigned Defer  ID17 
18 Analog outputs? Simulating of start and run currents, and transition time. Unassigned Defer Unclear what analog output does with simulated start run.  
19 Why if there is no assignments to the analog output, the unit let’s me enter a minimum and a maximum value.? Claus Resolved Case 4578-Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID19 
20 I3PFlaAvg and I3P Fla Demand Claus Resolved Case 4578-Is instantaneous average value. ID20 
21 help change “manufactorer’s” to “manufacturers”. Rick Resolved Implemented in Handoff H010707 ID21 
22 All help text should start with a capital letter Unassigned Defer Will update when Kolja makes changes.  
23 If there is a “_” (underscore) at the end it should be removed. Unassigned Defer This “_” will removed by Kolja, when he adds all help texts to his “Tonne”. He need this character for finding new help texts.  
24 UTC help Rick Resolved Claus resolved in Handoff H010707 id24 
25 Change “continuus” to “continuous” Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 id25 
26 help change: STPC Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 id26 
27 TRNT: Change “ABS” to “ABK”  Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID27 
29 Remove “Tcool SP2” from the screen above Unassigned Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID29 
30 help change Rick Resolved Duplicate-Resolved in handoff H010707 ID30 
31 Contactor Wear Isum trip. Typos "resettable" and "interrupting" Unassigned Resolved Have Jim T. verify changes.  
32 Alarm Threshold Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID32 
33 K2 Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID33 
34 help change: Tcool Rick Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID34 
35 What happens, if the RTD fails and the “Consider RTDTempValues” is enable? Then the Thermal model works same as without RTD values. But I have removed “ConsiderRTDTempValues”. It is not needed any more.  Claus Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707-uses RTDs that are without error. ID35 
36 What is the difference between “Fault Number” and “Grid Fault Number”? It comes from IEC: Fault number counts all faults Grid fault counts all faults when it is not in the same AWE cycle.  Unassigned Resolved Grid fault pertaints to Auto Reclose ID36 
37 What is the meaning of “StartBlock func” and ‘ThermBlock func”? We need to add help text that described their operation. Unassigned Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID37 
38 52a_DI, _52b_DI, and BFI_DI  Unassigned Resolved Removed-Resolved in handoff H010707 ID38 
39 StartBlock_DI Unassigned Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID39 
40 EmgOvr_DI Unassigned Resolved Resolved in handoff H010707 ID40 
41 ThermSwitch_DI Unassigned Resolved used to assign a thermal switch to a digital input.  ID41 
42 Assignment 7 Unassigned Resolved all speed 2 references removed- Resolved in handoff H010707 ID42 
43 programming an output Claus Resolved Explained in response ID43 
44 Stop_DI Unassigned Discuss further Work with Kolja to reword ID44 
45 Start_DI Unassigned Discuss further Work with Kolja to reword ID45 
46 Cannot modify parameter dialog box Unassigned Resolved Probably mismatch between device model and device. ID46 
47 IOC help text Unassigned Resolved Resolved in Handoff H010707 ID47 
48 GOC Edgar Discuss further  ID48 
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